Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Ian's birthday, hubby and I took him to his first concert to see Chris Tomlin with Israel Houghton. The Holy Spirit was in that coliseum and you could just feel it.

Can worship get much better than Chris Tomlin? Oh my, it was like a glimpse of heaven. All those voices and hands raised in unison singing holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty!

At the start of this blog I explained how God just keeps confirming Isaiah 43:18-19 as a life verse for this season of my life? I just keep hearing about God's new thing and I just cling to it for all it's worth! I had never heard of Israel Houghton until this concert but boy did he rock the house! And what song did I just fall in love with...? Pause the song list at the very bottom of this page and listen to this song. The video is actually two songs but at least listen until 4:50 to the song "Moving Forward." At the concert, we just sang the chorus over and over... I'm claiming it!

I highly recommend both their new albums if you don't have them already. "Hello Love" by Chris Tomlin and "The Power of One" by Israel Houghton. Oh, and check this out to see if you'd like to support these ministries.

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