Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have four mostly-wonderful children. My only son is 12 and his name is Ian. Then I have three daughters (go ahead--have a moment of pity for my husband...) Jennings, 10; Kaci, 8; and Emma, 6. All I have to say is that life is busy! Before I tell you my story though, I want to offer a little background if I may. (And I guess I may since it's my blog! HA!) I have been a Christian all of my adult life but I have not always been actively growing like I am now. So although my three older children have all asked Jesus to be their Savior, it has been all His doing and not-so-much from me. I mean I cared but I was not active in modeling Christ-like behavior, using the teachable moments for His glory, or showing them what being in love with Jesus looked like. And I know what it looks like 'cause my Mamaw showed me. But that's another story for another time. But I am at a new place in my life and loving Jesus is everything. Everything I could ever want or needs stems from loving Him and that has to come first. Anyways...

Emma came up to me Sunday afternoon and she says, "Mommy, when can I get babitized?" Now, you just need to know that I did not spell baptized wrong; that's how Emma says it! I explained to her that she can get baptized once she asks Jesus into her heart. She promptly tells me that that's exactly what she did while she was at the alter this morning. So I quickly send up a silent prayer (God please guide my thoughts, give me focus, and speak through me. Touch her heart so that if this is her time to come to you she'll understand and be ready.) and asked her if I could draw her a picture. I know I have told y'all that I'm a visual person but have I told you I can't draw worth a lick?

I used that good ole stand by of Emma on one cliff and God on another cliff. By folding my paper, you can see that Emma could walk with God before sin entered the world. "What is sin, Emma?"

"Sin is when you do something bad Mama."

"That's right. Sin is when we disobey God. The Bible says that all have sinned. Do you sin?"


"Do I sin?"

"Yes." She went on here to list all the people who sinned so if you see your name on her picture, you'll know why.

"So guess what happens when we sin?" Open up the fold to see the great chasm that separates us from God. Can you hear the gasp as she realizes she can't get to God now? We went on to discuss what a wage was. I offered her a dollar to fold a towel. After she folded the towel, I gave her the wage. The wages of sin is death or being separated from God forever! I caught her studying the picture and I said, "Emma, what do we need?" She looked, and looked, and I could amost see the wheels turning and then BAM! The light went off!

"Mama, we need a BRIDGE!" I have tears running down my face as I just sit here and remember. Yes my sweet, spunky, often-naughty girl!! We need a bridge. Praise you Lord for her understanding!

"And do you know what baby? God gave us a bridge. Who's our bridge?" I began sketching a cross across the gap and as I finished she whispered, "Jesus!"

She just looked at the picture for a few minutes and I finally asked her if she understood. She nodded and I told her when she is ready to talk to Jesus, there are just a few things to do:
  1. tell Jesus she's a sinner
  2. ask Him to forgive her sins
  3. believe that He died on the cross for her sins
  4. ask Him to come live inside her
  5. tell me or Dad
When she's ready, I also told her that me or Daddy or anyone at church would help her pray. I looked at her expectantly, trying not to be pushy, and all she has to say is, "Can I keep the picture Mom?"

"Of course you can baby."
P.S. The big "V" looking mark at the top is where she checked what she wants (heaven) and she X'd out what she didn't (sin/death)!!

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